KM Knowledge Base

Sharing knowledge You may already have an in-depth knowledge about various topics, but is it enough? What about sharing knowledge with others within the AFC field who are also fighting against financial crimes? Our people can train Your teams and share compliance content with You. Overview

KM Knowledge Campus

Experience and knowledge Compliance is a huge field that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Both of these normally need years to collect but could be lost in a short time. The Campus can help You strategically identify, structure and secure your expertise within the company. Overview

AFC Solution Implementation

Define and implement Your solution Do You want to have an effective and efficient solution implemented in Your required way?​ Then make sure to define and implement Your solution the right way at the first time.​ Overview

AFC investigation

Alert handling Do You want Your alert handling employees to maximize their productivity and accuracy?​Then You should ensure that the alert handling instructions and processes are well defined and organized.​ Overview

AFC Strategic advisory services

Effective and efficient AML solution You already know about the high legal pressures and regulatory requirements related to AML. However, do you also know how to set up an effective and efficient AML solution, and embed it in your corporate culture across your group entities? How to bridge the gap between operations and Compliance teams […]

AFC Audit & Quality assurance

Robust and effective controls Having an AML solution and processes in place is a good starting point. But do you know how robust and effective your controls are before You run into an Audit and get back several findings to be closed within the short time frame, and intense pressure? Overview

Our Services

Be compliant, stay compliant. Fight crime with us for a better world. AFC and ESG are receiving more and more attention considering the recently established new regulations for both sides, pressuring organizations to act. Several actions are counted as a financial crime (ex: corruption, fraud, human trafficking, smuggling, etc.) which are generally connected to AML. […]