Development of an education catalog for a German insurer


A leading insurance company with more than 20.000 employees working, needed a project manager, who would set up the entire Germany-wide education programme for the subsequent year.

The aim was to identify all existing and required educational opportunities and provide them for the employees in form of an education catalogue.


In a first step, more than 140 educational opportunities had to be inquired and assessed in a standardized manner with the education experts of the various units.

A distinction was made between the basic training (such as data protection and business requirements), personal development (such as human resources development seminars) and an advanced training programme (such as project management training).

After that the education catalogue was adjusted and a new layout was compiled, regarding the reported educational needs. To ensure an independent booking, a functional and filled booking portal was needed. The training measures as well as the education catalogue were presented to the Management and the works council prior to the go-live. The training measures were promoted by a wide range of internal marketing activities.


The final education catalogue was published and promoted in time, despite the tight schedule. The training measures were selectable and bookable for the respective target groups.

Divergent requirements of Stakeholders in human resources, relating to the education catalogue, had been transferred into a mutual standard.


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