Development of an ESG analysis tool for a medium-sized company


The customer required an analysis tool, by which the mid-sized enterprise can evaluate its own ESG compliance. Emphasis was put on a holistic analysis and assessment of the business strategy with regard to relevant ESG criteria.


Teaming up with the customer, all existing company structures were recorded as a first step. Subsequently, by means of a questionnaire, every single business unit was reviewed, rated, and evaluated regarding relevant sustainability factors. The evaluation incorporated the degree of the implementation of market-based requirements, requirements in place and exceeding approaches. Simultaneously, the evaluation revealed an urgent individual call for action, in order to be consistent with a company-wide ESG conformity or to even extend it. A user-friendly visualization of the obtained information served as a means of evaluation regarding sustainability.


Using the ESG analysis tool, the client was able to render the current status of its company-wide ESG conformity. Based on the questionnaires’ high level of details, specific courses of action for a holistic sustainability strategy and a subsequent implementation were developed and prioritized during a follow-up workshop with the client.


Subject Matter Expert