Leila Hosseingholizadeh

Senior AML Compliance Expert

MBA in European/Asian studies, Bremen University of Applied Science , MSc. In Business Administration

More than ten years of experience in the banking industry have equipped Leila with excellent communication and judgmental skills, which are essential for any supervisory role. As a middle manager, she has successfully led cross-functional projects and developed the necessary skills to work across different departments. Over her professional career, she has implemented innovative methodologies, fostering movements toward essential changes and operational efficiency. She is an experienced professional with a robust background in AML compliance, proficient in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and implementing AML measures to detect and prevent financial crimes, a proven track record in implementation of AML processes in support of AML strategies. Beyond the above-mentioned realms, Leila is a passionate advocate for sustainability. Her holistic perspective allows Leila to integrate sustainable practices into projects, ensuring ethical business growth and contributing to a greener future.