Paolo Zucconi

Senior AML and ESG Risk Expert

MSc. in International Security Studies, University of Trento, Italy

Paolo is a dynamic and highly qualified analyst with 6+ years of experience in geopolitical risk, security management and compliance. Hands-on experience in threat intelligence, risk management and international security. He is working as anti-financial crime professional on anti-money laundering, cryptoassets and other financial crime issues. PhD candidate at Universität Leipzig and author of numerous articles on diplomacy, security, energy, trade, geopolitics with primary specialization on Russia and East Central Europe. Speaker at various conferences and events across Central Europe. Paolo´s expert contributions have appeared on Geopolitical Monitor Intelligence Corp., Visegrad Insight, The Foreign Policy Centre, Global Security Review, Foreign Brief, Intersec. Paolo holds an MSc. In international security studies, a postgraduate certificate in intelligence and national security and a BA in international relations.