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Run mode advisory

Preparing and knowing what is going to happen after the solution goes live into the production environment is essential. With our expertise, You will have no surprises and You will feel supported. We will ensure proper documentation and raise awareness.

Dashboards and reporting

Knowing the fitting content and the updating frequencies for Your dashboards and reports are key information for management. Our knowledge will help You have the right content and to always be up to date.

Configuration testing and tuning

Adjusting Your tool´s setting to meet the regulatory requirements and maximizing the efficiency are core expectations. Our expertise will guide You through to set the appropriate thresholds, score points, risk factors, etc.

Standardization advisory

Planning and implementing a concise solution set up across Your numerous departments or within Your various legal entities globally may sometimes come as a challenge.  Our best practices will boost Your strategic and operational standardization. Standardization may appear as a naming convention, as part of the settings´ harmonization, etc.

AFC tool expertise

Using, deploying a solution and configuring appropriately Your AFC tool are at the heart of compliance. We have experience in working with distinctive AFC tools at the market and we can support You with these activities.