Alicia Buss

ESG Compliance Specialist

Magistra iuris, specialized in European and International Human Rights Law, Rheinische F.-Wilhelms-University Bonn“

Alicia is an expert for the legal and compliance requirements of companies within Environmental, Social Governance, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Alicia has worked within the legal department, and she has specialized in human rights and environmental law. She also has a broad knowledge and educational background in International law, European law, and German law. Alicia has developed significant skills in building awareness seminars, e-learnings, and tools to implement ESG regulatory standards in corporations. Alicia has intensively dealt with the German Supply Chain Act and the European Regulation on Deforestation- Free Products. The deep legal understanding has equipped Alicia for the implementation of the measures according to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and European Sustainability Reporting Standards.