AFC Audit & Quality assurance

Robust and effective controls

Having an AML solution and processes in place is a good starting point. But do you know how robust and effective your controls are before You run into an Audit and get back several findings to be closed within the short time frame, and intense pressure?

Audit & Quality assurance en
Compliance controls‘ analysis and set up Audit preparation and advisory Quality assurance and control back to overview Effectiveness and efficiency testing Reporting on findings and solutions advisory Project management for audits

Compliance controls‘ analysis and set up

We conduct detailed study of Your existing end-to-end Internal audit and/or Quality control/assurance process implemented, identify gaps in policy implementation and procedure and look out for risks.

We facilitate the establishment of an independent body to identify and bridge the gap between Operations & control, and maintain efficiency in Quality framework.

Audit preparation and advisory

Our experts will provide detailed analysis consisting of procedures and documentation to maintain an effective team and run a full audit cycle covering analysis, assessment to risk and control management; adhering to up-to-date regulations as per jurisdictional requirements.

Quality assurance and control

Conduct quality check and control function to monitor measures including but not limited to - using gap analysis to identify & mitigate risk, generate action plans and check-lists in adherence to regulatory and business requirements.

We help to avoid new surprises and shock factor during internal and/or external audits.

Effectiveness and efficiency testing

Personalized testing of the systems control at Your firm as a third party to estimate overall efficiency. Our team will provide reports generating realistic recommendations and efficiency metrics for Your upgrade and implementation tools to help maintain high standard of quality and control in relation to various AML topics applicable per the regulatory requirements.

Reporting on findings and solutions advisory

Provide detailed reporting with the assessment of operational standards; overall improvements needed for an effective practice and resolve risk items. Committed to generate realistic recommendations and efficiency metrics to mitigate risk and help clients to stay compliant.

Project management for audits

We provide specialist Program managers to help navigate and run various internal and external audits conducted at Your firm. Every stage of the process will be covered by our experts with timely updates, progress reports and end results.