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Sharing knowledge

You may already have an in-depth knowledge about various topics, but is it enough? What about sharing knowledge with others within the AFC field who are also fighting against financial crimes? Our people can train Your teams and share compliance content with You.

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Financial crime introduction

Our Knowledge Base contains not only vast information, explanations and regulatory descriptions in the fields of Anti-Financial Crime and Compliance, but it also provides the content in a smart and connected way for both proven and applied knowledge.

Alert handling instruction manuals

Our instruction manuals and guidelines provide comprehensive guide for the various AML alert handling activities. We also provide You best practices, rules recommendations, case studies, investigation scenarios, cases for escalations to help to equip the operations team to appropriately handle the day-to-day activities.

IT Security checks / Cloud checks

Ensuring to have a systematic and in-depth documentation for Your security assessment is key. Our expertise can guide you to construct the right content for Your assessments fit for different processes, solutions (Cloud vs. on premise), tools and geographical locations.


Complete and effective documentation is essential to quality and process control. We can help You to establish standards, templates, and a common centralized repository  for your documentation, as well as to encourage Your employees to share their valuable knowledge.