Rollout of mobile hardware in the project ‘New work’


As part of the project “new work” employees from all German business locations of an international insurance company, were given the opportunity to participate in mobile work to be able to work time- and location-independent.

Within the project a central control center had to ensure the provision of mobile workspace hardware, the hardware rollout and had to actively accompany service and support processes as well as providing regular operation. About 20.000 employees are potentially able to participate in mobile work and order Hardware from the BMA-Store.


The rollout for the hardware-provisioning was conducted in various phases. At the beginning only operating units were authorized to order hardware for their mobile work. Six months later this option was also available for main administration and other staff units. Furthermore, the provision of mobile workplaces was extended to subsidiaries.

The WIACON control team surveilled, managed and reported warehouse quantities, furthermore it coordinated and prioritized the hardware dispatch during high-load ordering periods, focusing on operational safety and a constant flow of goods to prevent pinch points. The control center was also responsible for the controlling of material supplies and services made available from the service provider, through auditing and release procedures.

Another key task of the control center was to consolidate and coordinate feedbacks and complaints regarding design and function, as well as providing support of new services.


The project-like rollout phase was successfully completed after 9 months, followed by transferring the central control function into regular operation. The control system is now part of an established control process moreover it is a multiplier of knowledge and a communication interface between project leadership, IT and users. Therefore, it functions as fundamental intersection of mobile work within the insurance company.


IT Service Manager